Václav JehličkaI am very happy to be able to address you in the introduction to the catalogue dedicated to the 15th Days of European Film. It is a festival, which off ers an opportunity to take a look at what is going on in the European fi lm production and to do so in the best possible way – in cinemas, which have been building reputation for themselves on a long-term basis by including high-quality fi lms into their programmes. In many countries, the situation is now similar to our situation, that is, the American production predominates over national fi lms or fi lms of European origin, which consequently form a minority. However, the interest of the spectators in the Days of European Film clearly proves that the Czech spectators are really interested in watching European fi lms, too. Thus, it is good that this festival provides them with an opportunity to do so. I wish you to fi nd for yourselves such fi lms in this year’s programme, which will capture your interest, and I wish many enthusiastic spectators to the organisers of the festival as well as to Days of European Film.

Vácalv Jehlička
Minister of Culture



Pavel Bémfilms occupy a special place in people‘s hearts, because they tell a story and are capable of arousing strong emotions, experienced almost as authentically as if the events were genuine. Thanks to these special qualities, together with their unquestioned artistic and cultural values, films are an ideal medium for getting to knowing oneself and others better and for initiating dialogue. Mutual understanding of ways of life, getting to know other cultures, and the ability to become involved in sharing cultural diversity, form one of the unquestioned priorities of the European Union – not only in 2008, which has been declared European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, but long-term; it is a permanent priority. When I suggested that a European Year should be devoted to intercultural dialogue, I had in mind in particular the constantly changing reality in Europe. The enlargement of the European Union, the increased mobility within its borders, and the much more intensive exchanges with other parts of the world, mean that European citizens are witnessing increasingly stronger and more frequent clashes between cultures and languages. Intercultural dialogue is a basic tool enabling us to fi nd our bearings in this increasingly complex environment and at the same time to strengthen ties both within Europe and with other parts of the world. Festivals like this one represent an excellent opportunity for an exchange of opinions and for initiating genuine intercultural dialogue.The programme of the festival is in itself proof of the viability of European cinema today, which is attracting more and more Europeans and gaining ever greater respect throughout the world.

The European Commission is glad to be able to support this festival. I wish its organisers every success and I wish the spectators some exceptional experiences of cultural exchange.

Ján Figeľ
Member of the European Commission responsible for Education, Training, Culture and Youth



Pavel Bémin the beginnig of each new year I allways look forward to going to the cinema and seeing interesting fi lms. Then, at the end of my hectic year, I always realise that I didn‘t manage very well. The only bright exeption to this rule is The Days of European Film. During this festival I watch the best of modern European cinematograpy and partially reduce my fi lm deficit. For 15 years, the Days of European Film Festival has kept us in the picture regarding the direction that European fi lms have taken. We have had the opportunity to see the quality and the position of our fi lm production within the European Union, we can partake in discussions with foreign producers or watch the overnight showings during the weekend as part of the supporting events for the festival. The growing number of viewers is the best proof of the atractivity of this festival.

I would like to wish the organizers that this state lasts as long as possible, and us – the audience – that this festival continues contributing to our extraordinary cinematic experiences.

MUDr. Pavel Bém
Mayor of the Capital City of Prague




Roman Onderkafor someone with my work load, visiting a cinema is a holiday, and that is why I always choose carefully. And a choice which has never disappointed me, is the Days of European Film Festival. The cultural calendar of the City of Brno wouldn’t be complete without this festival. It was brought to life thanks to the enthusiasm of a handful of European diplomats, and today it is already one of the most prestigious cultural events, which we have hosted with continued success for 14 years. What does it off er us, the viewers? Most of all it off ers exquisite fi lm art which counterbalances the usual menu of American fi lms off ered by multiplexes. It brings us the opportunity to witness and share European diversity and unity. It challenges us to contemplate what we, Europeans, have in common and what is specifi c for each of us. And at the same time it asks us to think about what we understand as „European“. The original fi lms are also, for many of us, an invitation to be in contact with the spoken foreign language. The viewers have the opportunity to refresh their knowledge of French, German or Spanish language, as well as to improve their knowledge of these languages with help of simultaneous translation. I would not want to omit the fact that naturally, the moments spent at the dusk of the cinema during the Days of European Film Festival are also a pleasant entertainment.

Enjoy them once again!.

Roman Onderka
Mayor of the City of Brno




Roman Onderkatoday you have the opportunity to see European fi lm art of high quality. It is presented to you for the 15th time by the Days of European Film Festival. The previous 14 editions of the festival demonstrated that such happenings are attractive to the fi lm audience. I am happy that part of the main program will be shown in the Metropol cinema in the city of Olomouc. After Prague and Brno, Olomouc is thus the third city in which this review of exclusively European fi lms takes place. For this reason I highly value the eff orts of the organizers from the Olomouc civil organization Pastiche Filmz to bring to the viewers the latest European fi lm products, as well as the fact that after fi ve years they fi nally succeeded in bringing the main part of the program to the city
of Olomouc.

Allow me to wish the festival a large number of satisfi ed viewers.

Martin Novotný
Mayor of the city of Olomouc



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